The accreditations and acknowledgements of the MPA NRW

The competence of the MPA NRW to render the offered services has been approved by independent institutions for accreditation, acknowledgement and notification. There are approvals for all areas of operation in the sector regulated by law resp. accreditations in the sector not regulated by law. The MPA NRW is a notified body in the sector of Construction Products Directive and Medical Device Directive.

Due to this the business partners of the MPA NRW have the following advantages:

  • Evidence that their products comply with the safety requirements and health regulations for the event of product liability
  • Compliance with the legislation requirements that only accredited bodies may be assigned to conduct tests, surveillances, calibrations or certifications
  • The market position of their products is strengthened by the indication of a qualified and acknowledged partner in the field of external quality control
  • Internationally acknowledged calibration certificates as an evidence of the metrological return of the measurement and test results