Hardness reference blocks

Data retrieval via excel file for periodical test and measurement inaccuracy

Please only enter the MPA NRW No. and the hardness value!

Example: 876501.0106

Example: 60.12 (note decimal point!)


New programme version since 2006-05-01!
The calculation of the measurement inaccuracy was adapted to the annex of the ISO standards (publication as DIN EN ISO dated 2006-03).
The databases from 2000-01-01 till 2006-04-30 have been removed from our data bank!

Should you need a file from this period, please contact us:
Tel. -49-(0)231-4502-437
or -440 or -441
Fax: -666

E-Mail: wachsmuth@mpanrw.de (Roland Wachsmuth)
or kalibrierung@mpanrw.de

Sample file for trying: