Certification of QM Systems: Confidence through Structures

Every company needs structured internal processes in order to stay succuessful on the market. Quality Management Systems (QM systems) provide an excellent basis for this and help to optimise company processes.
A well-implemented and well-maintained QM system essentially helps to
- achieve a high customer satisfaction,
- identify and handle risks
- identify and make use of opportunities
- gain competitive advantages,
- increase the staff motivation and
- ensure a smooth business operation.

The accredited QMS Certification Body of MPA NRW

MPA NRW has been an accredited Certification Body for QM systems in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 for more than twenty years. Please see our accreditation certificate for the fields and branches of our activity.
In its Corporate Mission Statement  MPA NRW has committed itself to an independent and objective execution of all its services. This also includes the certification of QM systems.
The management of the QMS Certification Body commits itself to the Corporate Mission Statement and the quality policy of MPA NRW.
The objectivity of its services as well as the reliability and integrity of its staff are an essential characteristic of the opinion which the general public and customers have of MPA NRW and especially of the QMS Certification Body. Therefore it is of paramount importance for the management of the QMS Certification Body as well as all staff members to justify the confidence placed in them and to further consolidate it. The QMS Certification Body therefore consciously meets the challenge of consequently focussing on customer advantages while remaining independent and objective at the same time. Thus, the impartial performance of certification activities is essential for the QMS Certification Body.

Information on certification by MPA NRW

The Certification Guideline of MPA NRW describes the certification procedure for a QM system step by step and also enumerates the obligations and responsibilities of customer and QMS Certification Body during the certification procedure. Here you can also find further important information:
Guideline of MPA NRW for the Certification of QM systems
To give you a first orientation you can find the Certification Procedure of QM systems here.
Please find information on the changeover to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 in the FAQs on ISO 9001:2015!
MPA NRW Quality Label
After the successful certification of your QM system you can use the MPA NRW Quality Label to communicate your QM system to your customers. Please find further information here.
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MPA NRW Directive on the certification of QM-Systems
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