The Quality Label of the MPA NRW: a special quality attestation

With the MPA NRW-Quality Label manufacturers can improve the market potential of their products. The Quality Label of the MPA NRW confirms that the manufacturer has done more for the safety and quality of his products than is required by the corresponding national or international standards.

The MPA NRW-Quality Label is a strong signal to customers who appreciate safe and long-lasting products. Simultaneously, it also supports continuous product quality and product improvements. The MPA NRW-Quality Label for QM systems certifies that the company has established a functioning QM system. These labels are helpful for manufacturers when entering into foreign markets.

For details please see the logo regulations.

The MPA NRW-Quality Label ensures transparency and is a convincing marketing instrument. The MPA NRW logo contained within is a trademark registered at the “Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market” of the European Union.

The MPA NRW is an accredited and notified Product Certification Body.

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